Learn How to Become A Muslim?

Learn how to become a muslim. Becoming a muslim is the first big reward for human. Alhumdulilah Islam is one of the fastest-growing religions in the world. According to demographics More than 24.1% of the world’s population is Muslim, with an estimated total of approximately 1.9 billion. Muslims are the majority in 49 countries, they speak hundreds of languages and come from diverse ethnic backgrounds.

 Seeing how big of a deal Islam and its followers are, is one of many reasons why the religion continues to gain more followers daily. Despite many converting to Islam, many have questions about the process. If you like many are looking at how to become Muslim, you are at the right place. This blog will highlight how Islam deals with accepting people from other faiths, and more.

Learn How to Become A Muslim?

Can Anyone Accept Islam?

First and foremost, it is worth noting that Islam has an open-door policy for everyone and does not discriminate based on color, status, creed, etc. Perhaps, this is one of the significant reasons why Islam has gained a massive following since its inception.

Since Islam focuses on one’s deeds instead of color, status, and creed, people are given an equal footing in this world and the hereafter. This alone is reason enough for anyone to accept Islam in all its glory.

Islam is for the entirety of humanity, and its purpose is to guide the righteous and bring people together. Simply put, anyone can accept Islam, even those that have sinned greatly. Remember, God is the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful, and he is willing to forgive anyone as long as they realize their mistake and beg for his forgiveness.

How to Become A Muslim ?

The word Muslim means submitting to God. If you are wondering how to become a Muslim, you will be pleased to know it is an effortless process. Anyone can become a Muslim by reciting the Shahada.

To become a Muslim or to take the Shahada means accepting Allah, alone and without associates, as a God and Muhammad, peace be upon him, as His Messenger, and committing to follow what He has ordered and abandon what He has forbidden us.

The Shahada is the declaration of one’s faith and commitment towards Almighty God and accepting Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) as the last Messenger of God. The Shahada in Arabic is as follows:

In Arabic:

English meaning:

That’s it! You’re a Muslim now 🙂 Mash Allah.

Points to note:
[1] Arabic is the language the Quran was revealed in.
[2] Allah is the Arabic word for God.
[3] You are in essence affirming in your heart that God is the only one truly worthy of worship and that Muhammad (and nobody else) was the person who came to teach us how to worship God. That’s why as Muslims, we revere Muhammed and follow his teachings – whilst still appreciating he is still human and not divine.

Why Convert to Islam?

Converting to Islam is a big step for anyone, and it has a lot of merit for those that make this choice out of their own free will. Most importantly, it has many benefits that go unnoticed, such as:

  1. You will be able to create a direct bond and relationship with God. By worshipping God alone, without a middle man, one will be more independent as they will rely only on God’s assistance in all matters.
  2. You will have a purpose in life, as Islam answers all questions and situations.
  3. You will find inner peace and be content with your life and everything God has blessed you with.
  4. Once you have converted to Islam, your past sins will be forgiven. Essentially, you will start a new life, and you can repent for any mistakes made as long as you ensure it does not happen again.
  5. The biggest reward is the promise of Heaven by God. By following God’s commandments and worshipping him alone. Muslims will live eternal lives in Heaven without sadness, pain, or sickness. Heaven will have all kinds of pleasures that nobody has seen, heard, or imagined before.

Benefits of Converting to Islam

Achieving Inner Peace

In a world of excessive materialism, human beings are unsatisfied and spiritually empty. Submitting your will to God leads to something that everyone is looking for: inner peace and tranquillity. Humans are made up of two components, one is the physical body and the other is the soul. The physical body gets nourishment from food, but the soul needs a connection with God for its satisfaction. Worshipping God gives contentment to the soul.

Virtue In Quran Pak

Discovering Your Purpose in life

Converting to Islam means you are on your way to fulfilling the purpose of your life. The very reason God created us is to worship Him. Islam teaches you how to worship God and get closer to Him.

Having a Direct Relationship with God

By accepting Islam, one forms a personal and direct relationship with God. This close friendship with God will lead one to face up to challenges and trials of this life and the next. The knowledge that God is with you every moment is an immense relief and whenever you face a challenge in life, you can put your trust in Him to resolve it for you.

All Sins Forgiven

Upon converting to Islam, all of the previous sins are forgiven. A new Muslim is like a newborn baby. Whatever sin you have done, no matter how many times you did it or how big it was, God can forgive it. God loves to forgive; humans may get tired of asking, but God never tires in giving.

Eternal Bliss

The greatest benefit is that a Muslim is promised by God the reward of eternal Paradise (Heaven). Those who are blessed with Paradise will live eternally in bliss without any sort of sickness, pain or sadness. God will be pleased with them and they will be pleased with Him. In Paradise, there are pleasures that no eye has ever seen, no ear has ever heard, and no mind has ever thought of. It will be a very real life, not spiritual only, but physical as well.

Things to Remembered:

Hope you all well know about How to Become A Muslim? and the benefits of becoming a muslim.

Learn the prayer: an integral part of your journey through Islam. In this section, you’ll cover the foundations of the prayer in order to learn and implement them into your life and fulfil the second pillar of Islam.

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